Monday, February 15, 2010


The dream has come true for many Louisianians…hell has frozen over, pigs have flown- the Saints have won the Superbowl. It only took 44 long years, but it has happened. I am proud to say that I was there. Not in Miami like most would think, but rather in the city of New Orleans.

One word to sum up not only the night, but the last 44 years- pandemonium. It was utter chaos- and not like a malicious chaos- but rather the friendly chaos similar to that of Mardi Gras. Ironically, this party New Orleans threw after the Superbowl made Fat Tuesday in the quarter look like a freakin tea party.

I have never seen anything like this in my entire life- the city went ape-shit. I was in the city for both LSU National Championships, and at the time, said that those were crazy nights. Nothing compared to this experience.

It would be equivalent of a 44-year-old virgin losing his virginity to a porn star on camera in front of an Amish community… It was crazy. Streets from the far side of the Warehouse district to the gay part of Bourbon Street were shut down- completely. Completely, as in, no one could drive anywhere because of all the people. Cops were blaring their sirens and running their lights in celebration, screaming people filled the streets, and people went nuts. As soon as the pick-6 at the end of the game, people funneled toward Bourbon like bats going into a cave at dusk.

People were high-fiving each other, dancing with strangers, yelling uncontrollably and many wept of what they had just encountered. I, of course used this experience as a platform to try and confuse people for my own enjoyment and entertainment. After my initial celebration, I decided to use this experience for my own sake. As we made our way around people laying in astonishment on Canal Street and the surrounding area, I would comfort passer-bys with “We’re Goin to the Superbowl!!!!!- Can you believe it?!!” Many gazed at me in amazement while thinking that I must have been super drunk high-fived me and yelled “Yeah”, but every now and again, id have some jackass stop me and try to correct me…. “No, dumbass we WON the superbowl.” Then look at his girlfriend and say, “what an idiot” - I know we just won the superbowl fag, just let me kid with people… crap. Why, during this time of enjoyment do you have to correct people- just let it be…

You know, weeks before the game- I knew the Saints had a shot. I knew that if they could just get to the game, the Saints would win. It was destiny. You cant f@#$ with destiny. It was more for the franchise than a game, it was a chance to make history….a chance to change for the better, to get rid of the plague the Black and Gold had held on to for so many years, a chance to further revitalize a city who had given so much after Katrina to come back bigger, faster, and stronger- and they reciprocated. They brought it back to New Orleans- they brought the championship back to the greatest fan base in any sport. Plus, do you really think God was gonna let a team named the Saints lose? Really? No way- it was destiny.

And to think...the saints beat 3 Hall of Fame quarterbacks on the way to victory...even the New Orleans boy himself, Mr. Manning couldnt let the Saints lose this game. Thanks for the interception Peyton, they needed it much worst than you did.

It certainly was quite the way to end Mardi Gras season… kind of. The Endymion Extravaganza finished it up for me this past weekend. Quite the ball. If you’ve never had the chance to experience this- you need to make every effort to make it happen. Its about 10,000 drunk idiots packed in the superdome. Everyone is best friends, or at least that’s how they act…and they all find it necessary to share their liquor with anyone in a tux or long dress.

Lynard skynard, I was told…played this year. Unfortunately I dont recall that… I don’t recall midnight- but I heard it was a hell of a time nonetheless. Not quite the time as my dearest Mr. Golladay…but excellent from what I can remember. The night ended on the floor of room 434 at the Sheraton in Metairie for me… not for Steve. Nope- he ended up at a stranger’s home off of Carrolton…and a few days later he would miss his flight back to Houston due to lack of an ID- that is a party my friends.

Welcome 2010... should be a heck of a year


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